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For over 10 years, Northeast Water Maintenance & Service Inc. has been specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment.  We provide mechanical services to industry leading manufacturers, contractors, and end users dealing with routine or emergency maintenance.

Long term customer satisfaction is paramount to our organization.  Our staff is committed to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.  We can provide highly trained professionals with the skills required to assist plant personnel with large overhauls, installations, troubleshooting and emergency repairs for all types of wastewater treatment equipment. 

Our service team includes Electrical Engineering Technicians, Millwrights, Riggers, Certified Welders and Industrial Mechanics.  Our technicians have received certifications from US Filter, Thomas Conveyor, Schwing Bioset, Serpintex, Jim Myers & Sons, Allied Locke and many more.

Our Services:


 ·        Commissioning, troubleshooting and inspections of wastewater treatment equipment such as chain and flight sludge

      collectors, sludge cake pumps, bar screens, circular clarifiers, grit systems, screw conveyors, screw pumps, plate and

      frame filter presses, progressive cavity pumps, diaphragm pumps, sliding frame silos, live bottom bunkers etc.

 ·        Installation, rigging and precision alignments of industrial machinery.

 ·        Plant personnel training on the operation and maintenance of wastewater equipment.

 ·        Supervising and instructing contractors installing industrial machinery;

 ·        Mechanical repair and maintenance of drives, bearings, gear reducers, pumps, conveyors, motors, etc…

 ·        Engineering and design changes to equipment. 

 ·        Machining and fabrication services.

 Feel free to call us for a free on-site equipment inspection. 


Northeast Water